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Natural Treat Mixed Selection Box - Large

Our Natural treat boxes are a great way of getting a selection of natural treats for your dog to try without having to pick all of the items individually yourself. They contain a selection of different proteins & treat styles some of which are longer lasting,

What’s even better is we change the contents of the boxes on a regular basis to give your dog lots of different treats to try. This means you can workout which ones they do any don’t like.

Items can also be substituted for a different one of similar value if there are any that are unsuitable for your dog, just message us and advise us when you place your order.

Contents of the boxes as at 01 January 2024 are:

Lambs shoulder strips
Beef Tendon
Goat Ear
Beef Muscle Chew
Cow ear
Rabbit Ear
Pigs n Blanket
Ostrich Tendon
Rabbit meat strip
Chicken Foot
Puffed Chicken Foot
Flat Gullet
Fish Flattie
Duck Foot
Duck sausage
Venison sausage
Ostrich Yummy
Roast Beef Piece
Venison skin

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