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Welcome to Mia’s Ark, we are based in the Island of Jersey in the Channel Islands. In March 2021 we introduced our newest arrival to our family Bella a 9 week old bundle of joy, a sprocker spaniel who joined our cats and tortoises.

Having Bella soon showed us how difficult it was at times finding out which treats she could have whilst she was still young as a lot of treat packets do not say the age that they are suitable from. The other thing we found was Bella would often only eat one item from the pack and then not want the rest , this led to the idea of setting up Mia’s Ark and offering our homemade biscuits to others which Bella loved and offering a pick n mix range to allow the option of purchasing just one item to see if your dog liked it.

We soon expanded and had to add our homemade cat toys to our list of items sold and added some cat treats as well after all we can’t forget the cats!

At Mia’s Ark we’re all about helping you find unique and personal gifts for you, your pets and their furry friends! We aim to find products for your pets made with ethically sourced and local products that they will love and always want more of. We have a selection of gift bags and boxes made up on our shop with a selection of our best selling products and we also offer a pick and mix option too. We are constantly trying to find and make new products that reflect our brand and passion for natural products.

We can make lots of personalised gifts also, from our hampers filled with natural and handmade treats and toys for your pets to bags of personalised dog biscuits. If you are interested in our personalised gifts please feel free to contact us and we will work with you to make the perfect gift!

Mia’s Ark is fully insured and registered with Jersey Financial Services Commision

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