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Best Bites Natural Lucky Dip Bag

If you are looking for a small selection of natural treats of various sizes including some small enough to be used as training treats these are the bags for you! They contain a mixture of treats often the treats are either broken treats or smaller in size.

These make great bags to take on holiday as well to take a small selection of treats with you, they come in a resealable bag.

The contents may vary from bag to bag depending on what items we have in stock when we make them up, but each bag will be packed full of yummy treats that your dog will find hard to resist.

Contents may include, Chicken, Pork, Beef, Fish, Venison, Duck, Turkey, Ostrich.

All of the treats are gluten and grain free, nothing but the best for your dogs.

Suitable for puppies from 12 weeks of age.

Please store in an airtight container. As with all chews for dogs we recommend to supervise your dog while feeding and to ensure that fresh clean drinking water is always available.

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